Musketeer II experiment 2008

Musketeer Ex II. Høvsøre, Dec. 2008: WindScanner Lidar Testing Spatial-resolution improved ”Stretch Pod” (left) vs. WindScanner Unit 120 (right)

All the pictures below are from Høvsøre showing lidars working


  1. Intercomparison of measured time-series from a WindScanner lidar and a sonic (10-m height). It demonstrates the ability of a lidar to measure wind speeds at high temporal resolution. 
   2. WindScanner-spectra [m2 s-2] vs. frequency [Hz] measured at 70-m range by a standard WindScannerUnit120 and a focal-length extended ”Stretch Pod”.
The Stretch Pod modification is found to improve the spatial resolution of the WindScanners by a factor of two.