The Musketeer Experiment I at Høvsøre December 2007

The Musketeer Experiment II at Høvsøre December 2008

The Tjæreborg Experiment 2009

Conducted WindScanner.dk based Field Measurement Campaigns:



MARINET EU Infrastructure Support: Nenuphar offshore VAWT; Fos-sur-Mer Marseilles 2015

IEA Task 27 Lee Belt and Small House wakes 2015


3D Inflow induction zone measurements around a V27 test turbine located at DTU Risø Campus. Work in collaboration with Colorado University and National Renewable Energy laboratory; Colorado USA. (Simley et al., n.d.).

Assessment of wind conditions at a fjord inlet by complementary use of sonic anemometers and lidars, Norway May 2015(Jakobsen, Cheynet, Snæbjörnsson, Mikkelsen, Sjöholm, Angelou, et al., 2015; Jakobsen, Cheynet, Snæbjörnsson, Mikkelsen, Sjöholm, Hansen, et al., 2015).

Long-range WindScanner Kassel Campaign w/ six synchronized long-range scanners. June-August 2014 Röderseberg Kassel 2014: Long-range WindScanner Field Test

3D inflow and wake measurements on the NKT 550 Nordtank test turbine @ Risø Campus July- October 2014.(UniTTE).

SpinnerLidar installed and test operated at NREL CAT3 Turbine for lidar assisted feed-forward Control (INNWIND.EU).



Simultaneous Spinner Lidar inflow forward & WindScanner R2D1 backward Wake measurements from WT NKT 550 Nordtank;Marchefaux et al. 2015 (Machefaux et al., 2015)

Short-range 100 Hz WindScanner.dk measurements vs. 3D sonic at 90 m height (Dooren & Kraft, 2014).

Scaled Wind Farm @ ECN 3D short range inflow/wake

3xHAWSARH Helicopter downwash measurements: 1) Norway; 2) UK and 3) France. (Sjøholm et al., 2013)(Sjöholm et al., 2014)

2X Long-range WindScanner PPI scanning at 6 km range @ Høvsøre 2013

Lidar Turbulence: 3D Sonic vs. 3D Lidar @ Risø campus test site (Dooren & Kraft, 2014).


References to the Experiments:


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Sjøholm, M., Pedersen, A. T., Angelou, N., Foroughi Abari, F., Mikkelsen, T., Harris, M., … Kapp, S. (2013). Full two-dimensional rotor plane inflow measurements by a spinner-integrated wind lidar. In EWEA 2013. Retrieved from http://www.ewea.org/annual2013/




Short range

Long range