The consortium:

An open-ended and non-exclusive consortium is envisioned.

Its key partners are DTU Wind Energy; DTU Mechanical Engineering, DTU Fotonik and IPU (SME).

In addition key partnership, on a 50-50 funding basis , will be offered to partners representing Danish wind energy society research and development organizations, counting Dong Energy, Vestas, Suzlon, Siemens Wind Power Denmark.

These partners have been approached and have expressed positive interest for membership of the consortium. Further potential partners may come from other Universities and potential Users.

The advantage of becoming an industrial research partner in the consortium include free access to the facility at cost price without overhead.

Whereas non-consortium member Users will be charged overhead for use/rental of the facility.

The future – (the future users)

Over the time scale of the next 5 to 10 years, we envisage our WindScanner technology being spread across Europe so that many other research envi-ronments can benefit from this major research tool.

This will give a boost to the European wind industry but will also allow the Danish industry to perform research in physical conditions that can not be found in or close to Denmark.

An important example would be establishing Windscanner systems, including local support teams, in areas with hills and mountains such as Spain and Greece. Establishing a permanent offshore system could be another possibility.

We are currently applying for inclusion in the ESFRI road-map and if we are fortunate, plan to begin an ESFRI application within two or three years.